Zip—Don’t Walk—Around the City This August

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Ever wish you could zip across New York City a little bit faster? The Department of Transportation () is making that fantasy a reality for many New Yorkers, at least to some extent.

You may not be able to zip to or from work—beating the rush hour train mania—but you could zip across small stretches of Lower from great heights.

On Tuesday morning, a set up in was providing free rides to anyone over 60 lbs as a preview for festivities in August. Seven miles of Manhattan will close down for the festivities over three Saturdays (4, 11, and 18), and the zip line will be but one feature festival-goers can enjoy.

DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan rode the zip line twice, she announced at a press conference, proving it’s a great way for anyone to “lighten up.” Riders overwhelmingly agreed it was fun, Gothamist reports.

The Summer Streets festival is an opportunity for New Yorkers to reclaim the streets, doing whatever outdoor activity they may please, up high or on the ground. More Summer Streets info is available on the DOT’s website .

—Alissa Fleck

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