Yukon Blonde Will Cure Your Mondays

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You’ve gotta love an indie-pop quartet from Canada. No seriously, you have to. It’s in the bi-laws of the kingdom of “Dude I’m totally hip,” section two, subsection 3.


I didn’t make the rules, that’s just how the cards fall sometimes. is such a band, and lucky for all of us they’ll be playing Piano’s tomorrow evening, April 10th at 11:30 p.m., with opening acts Library Voices and Silya. Blonde is making it’s way across the states to tour their sophomore record . The production value is superior to their eponymous debut album, which seemed caught in the throes of surf pop, indie pop, and folksy bunk bunk. There’s a linear quality to their latest album, it doesn’t feel as jumbled as their first, which is a great step considering most bands hit it big on their first album and then get caught up in the idea of “experimentation” on the sophomore, which is the call to their reckoning (see: The Big Pink, , Albert Hammond Jr., Cut Copy, etc.).

Album cover of Tiger Talk by Yukon Blonde.

Tiger Talk is full of poppy rock tracks like “My Girl,” and “Stairway,” brimming with “ooo’s,” and catchy choruses. It’s the kind of CD you want to listen to when you’ve “got a case of the Mondays.” However, their music is strongest in their somber moments. Balladic tracks like “Sweet Dee.” When the band slows down a bit we’re able to fully appreciate their complex harmonies and lead singer Jeff Innes weather sweet voice. Note to all, backing “ooo’s” and “aaa’s” are much stronger than chorus “ooo’s” and “aaa’s.” It informs the music, rather than speaking as the music.

The band formed in 2005, originally under the name Alphababy. Thankfully, they realized how terrible a name that was in 2008 and switched it up to the more pleasing Yukon Blonde. Their performance style is similar to Stillwater. Yes, I’m referring to the fictional band from Almost Famous. Check them out at Piano’s and you’ll get it.

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