Youth-anizing Hillary Clinton

Written by John DeSio on . Posted in Politics, Posts.

Here’s something that’s actually a little bit awesome or a little bit creepy, depending on your point of view.

In honor of Hillary Clinton’s 60th birthday FotoFix, a brand new company specializing in digital imaging services, has illustrated just how they can take digital years off of Clinton’s face. From the release:

Call it Cleavage-gate. When
photos of Hillary Clinton’s cleavage peeking out of a revealing V-neck made the
news, there’s no doubt she would have liked a do-over.

Fortunately, that image
do-over can now be achieved-after the fact. Whether retouching Hillary’s
cleavage, Fred Thompson’s facial creases, or the dark circles under Giuliani’s
eyes, the ability to go back and improve an image is now available to candidates
for president and candidates for Mom of the Year alike.

If this kind of thing floats your boat, find out more here.

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