Yankees’ Brass Meets; No Decision Yet

Written by Jason Singer on . Posted in Posts, Sports.

In a meeting that has received more attention than most G8
, The New York Yankees’ top executives gathered yesterday in Tampa to decide the fate
of manager Joe Torre. What did they decide? Absolutely nothing, of
course. (Come to think of it, that actually sounds about as productive as a G8

Meanwhile, possible Torre replacement Don Mattingly
(pictured) couldn’t decide much either. In a scenario that seemed more
appropriate for a bad television sitcom than reality, Mattingly apparently told
the Yankees over the weekend he wasn’t ready to manage. But, wait!
According to Mattingly’s agent Ray Schulte, that report was “a fabrication.” “It’s
absolutely not true,” Schulte said. “I spoke to Don this morning, and he was
just blindsided.” Clearly someone’s been spreading lies about Donnie Baseball.
Either that or he’s about as decisive as Florida
vote counters in 2000. We’ll see.

The Yankees will continue their Torre talks today, but the
Pinstripers’ brass has other issues to contemplate too. Alex Rodriguez finished
his three-day meeting with agent Scott Boras in Southern California
yesterday, and has just 10 days following the World Series to decide whether or
not he will opt out of his 10-year, $251 million contract. And knowing Boras and the scumbag
that he is, he probably convinced Alex that $25 million per year wasn’t enough
to feed his kids. Translation: The Yankees can kiss A-Rod’s sweet, sweet ass