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By Dan Rivoli

An Upper West Side state lawmaker wants a moratorium on the “” method of drilling for natural gas near the city’s water supply.

Assembly Member Daniel O’Donnell asked for the suspension on drilling in New York State in an Oct. 1 letter to Gov. David Paterson, and state and city environmental commissioners Pete Grannis and Cas Holloway.

O’Donnell wrote that possible cuts to the would hamper oversight on a potentially harmful form of natural gas drilling.

“One cannot simultaneously expand a new, relatively untested form of drilling and cut funding for the regulatory agency and then expect people to rely on any assurances of safety,” O’Donnell wrote in his letter.

“Hydrofracking” is short for hydraulic fracturing, which involves injecting water mixed with chemicals and sand into a well to free trapped natural gas. New York City elected officials have called for a complete ban on drilling near the city’s water supply.

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