Writers Guild Strikes

Written by Jason Singer on . Posted in Arts & Film, Posts.

looks like New Yorkers—and the rest of the country, for that
matter—might be watching reruns for a long time to come. The Writers
Guild of America went on strike
last night after last-minute negotiations with producers failed,
shutting down many of the television shows based here in Gotham.

Among the New York strikers are Tina Fey, “The Daily Show,” “The
Colbert Report,” “The Late Show with David Letterman” and “Saturday
Night Live”—the latter of which isn’t that big of deal because SNL’s
writers stopped writing anything funny years ago. It’s the first major
Hollywood writers strike since the 1988 WGA stoppage.

Nightly talk shows will be hit the hardest, while many televisions
shows and film studios have stockpiled enough scripts for the short
term. The writers, who currently receive between four and five cents
per DVD, wanted to increase that total to eight cents, but producers
said no. Writers also wanted profits from TV shows and movies sold or
shown over the Internet. They were asking for three cents per sale.

While bigwigs like Tina Fey and Jon Stewart won’t be affected by the
stoppage, many struggling writers will. “No one wants to go on strike
before the holidays, no one wants to have projects interrupted,” said
one striking writer. “My wife is pregnant so I’d like to be working,
but this is about our future.” I Guess that baby’s future is in a
cardboard box, unless of course, the writers and producers come to an
agreement and stop this nonsense.