World Breastfeeding Week: A List of the Best Lactation Locations

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In case you aren’t fully abreast, the first week of August is World Breastfeeding Week. This annual celebration of all-things motherhood encourages people across 170 nations to host local events that aim to get people buzzing about nursing—from discussing the benefits to shopping for post-birth supplies to answering new mama queries.

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, we’ve compiled some top resources to make sure your
breastfeeding experiences only suck the way they’re supposed to!



The country’s first dedicated breastfeeding and babywearing boutique, BOING BOING stocks only parent-tested and store-approved products for new parents. This Park Slope boutique has been an invaluable resources for New York parents for the past 16 years. The sister store, boing! frequently hosts new moms groups and breastfeeding classes to answer any and all questions that a new mother may have on her challenging and rewearding journey.

Caribou Baby

Caribou Baby in Brooklyn sells baby supplies and toys focused on simple and healthy living, in addition to hosting events and expert-led classes like breastfeeding support, prenatal yoga, prenatal and post-pregnancy Pilates and postpartum support groups. Check out the store’s very full calendar online!

La Leche League

The League is an international organization that supports and educates nursing women around the globe. They host informal meetings throughout the year to offer dialogue, advice and support to breastfeeding or wannabe-nursing moms at locations throughout the boroughs. Moms are welcome to bring their children, and special sessions are offered for mothers of toddlers, twins and working mothers. Sessions focus on the advantages of breastfeeding, birth and the baby’s first weeks, the art of breastfeeding and troubleshooting, and weaning your child off of breast milk. Check the website or call the NYC information hotline for specific dates. 212-569-6036,

Metro Minis

Metro Minis on the Upper East Side will educate parents in everything from babywearing and wrapping to having a fearless childbirth and elimination communication. In addition to hosting workshops, the store sells everything from cloth diapers to toys and books.

Mom Prep

Envisioned by the maternity maven Rosie Pope, Mom Prep provides comprehensive education for expectant and new moms and addresses prenatal, postpartum and general wellness concerns. Prenatal breastfeeding classes can be taken by individuals or couples and will prep participants for the adventure of breastfeeding— teaching them how to get off to a good start, pump at work, and the mechanics of milk production, weaning and more. Is a private session more your thing? You can arrange one at a convenient time and location as well. 1316 Madison Avenue at 93rd Street, 212-4232-5815,

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