Working? You’re Less Confident About It

Written by John DeSio on . Posted in Business, Posts.

A new Spherion Employment
Report finds that the New York Employee Confidence Index decreased 2.2 points
to 56.7 in June,  a decrease they say is fueled
by an increasing number of workers that believe the job market is getting
weaker. Still, the index is 8.1 points higher than it was this time last year,
indicating that concerns about the job market have not fallen by any
catastrophic number in the latest survey.

The report also finds that  17% of New York workers believe that the
economy is getting stronger, a four-percentage-point decrease from May; that fewer
workers are optimistic in the availability of jobs, with 41% saying that fewer
jobs are available, a six point increase from May; and that despite the drop in
confidence, workers are overall still optimistic about their prospects in the
job market.

"I believe the drop in
overall worker confidence in June is understandable, considering the economic
uncertainty that persists, a weak housing market and business changes we’ve
seen across the state," said Rich Mazelsky, regional vice president of
Spherion Staffing Services. "What I find most interesting about our report
is that a majority of workers are still feeling good about their job prospects,
despite the fact that many feel the job market is slowing. We’ve got a
confident group of workers that know they are in the driver’s seat and still
plan to change jobs. And, as the summer continues and we gear up for holiday
season, we expect even more opportunities to become available for those who
decide to make a change."

The full report is here.