Woody Allen: A Long History of Odd (Casting) Choices

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is no stranger to quirky choices. Allen just announced the cast of his latest, currently untitled film, which will be set in San Francisco and New York. Controversial comedian is among the bunch. is famously known for being banned from MTV for life after cussing during a live stand-up routine in 1989. The ban came amidst a long career of notoriously crude humor, which garnered the comedian no shortage of enemies.

Prolific comedian will star alongside Clay as well, reflecting Allen’s love of casting comedians, particularly one who has so closely paralleled Allen himself.

Allen has often made unexpected casting choices in the past, including the frequent practice of casting himself. He famously rendered Diane Keaton the eccentric star of Annie Hall, a character he modeled after the actress. In Midnight in Paris, Allen fitted ever-goofy yet endearing Owen Wilson into a persona modeled after Allen himself. Other notable surprising choices have included Shelly Duvall, Christopher Walken, Judy Davis and Jon Lovitz.

Allen explains to W magazine, accompanying a recent spread of some of his women stars, that he chooses women he would be thrilled to date, writing parts particularly for many of these women.  The director keeps audiences on their toes, but is hopeless when he falls in love with an actress. The oddball Allen is even reported to be pals with Lindsay Lohan.

—Alissa Fleck

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