Winners & Losers: March 30, 2012

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The state got an early budget, Lew Fidler found some more votes and ’s secret Miami vacation was exposed — until it wasn’t. It was a week of hoodie protests, empty mansions and dog waste underfoot. In other words, your standard week for New York politics. Here’s who’s up and who’s down.


Andrew Cuomo – If an on-time budget was a rare sight inAlbany, an early budget was the equivalent of a pig piloting a Sopwith Camel. So kudos to the governor for making believe in miracles. And in the end, he got most of the things he wanted: contract approvals that can bypass the comptroller’s pre-audit function, limited authority to move money around without legislative approval, a fully funded MTA and a chunk of change for competitive education grants. But his most audacious magic trick of all? MakingAlbanyboring again. Well played, sir.

– The councilman’s proposal to give the Civilian Complaint Review Board oversight over the became a reality this week, giving Garodnick a victory amid the uproar over the department’s stop-and-frisk policy, its counterterrorism surveillance and a string of scandals. Things are also looking good for Garodnick’s likely run for New York City Comptroller, with $1 million in the bank and the embattled incumbent John Liu looking weak but reportedly vowing not to run for re-election to his old office.

– A guy named Omar became the mayor at City Hall last week – at least on Foursquare. Hernandez, an IT worker, briefly supplanted Mayor Michael Bloomberg as “mayor” after regularly checking in at City Hall on the location-based social networking site. Bloomberg has since regained the title, and as he fights off other potential social media usurpers he at least won’t even have to worry about pesky details like term limits.

– You win some, you lose some, but rarely do you win in as swift a fashion as CWA political director Bob Master did this week. He called for the removal of a provision in the budget that would preempt regulation of internet phones, and by golly, it got removed. He won the fight without a single shot being fired. Some said it was Cuomo trying to make up for Tier VI with the unions, but whatever the reason, Master mastered the situation.

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