Why a Bicycle? Why Now?

Written by Jerry Portwood on . Posted in Posts.

We still remember when riding a bicycle in the city seemed like a death wish— best reserved for crazed bike messengers or deliverymen with a mission. When the bike lane renaissance began a few years ago, we weren’t sure if it would stick. Since then, we’ve seen paths and promenades filled with people on two wheels, and it looks like the bicycle lifestyle is here to stay. That’s the reason we decided to plan and present the New Amsterdam Bicycle Show.

As New York City embraces the cycling lifestyle by altering the landscape with hundreds of miles of bike lanes across the boroughs, this new consumer-based bicycle show will feature the many nuances of bike culture—from bikes for commuting, racing and pleasure rides—as well as those people who are conscious of the environment. We want our readers to be educated and have a good time while they learn the ropes. This will be the place to do it.

We decided to partner with Transportation Alternatives because we applaud their efforts to make the city safer for everyone. T.A. is involved in every aspect of traveling around New York City. From bike routes and bus lanes to pedestrian crossings and car parking, they’re fighting for safer, smarter transportation and a healthier city. When Transportation Alternatives was founded in 1973, New York City’s cycling population was a fifth of what it is now and the number of pedestrians killed each year by cars was more than twice as high. Since then, T.A. has been laying the paving stones of a safer city—pedestrian plazas, parking-protected bike lanes, the very philosophy of the livable street—and pushing city agencies and elected officials to introduce this innovation into the urban landscape. We’re proud to be assisting with those efforts.

Jerry Portwood Editor-in-Chief, New York Press