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Organic food mega store will donate proceeds to two food pantries on the Upper West Side.

As part of its Jan. 6, 2010 “Community Giving Day,” 20 Whole Foods locations in the Northeast will give five percent of all sales that day to local charities.

On the Upper West Side, Goddard Riverside will receive proceeds from the Park West Village Whole Foods, at 808 Columbus Ave. and West 97th Street.

The West Side Campaign Against Hunger, housed in the Church of St. Paul and St. Andrew on West 86th Street and Broadway, will get proceeds from the Whole Foods at Columbus Circle.

Stewart Desmond, development director at the West Side Campaign Against Hunger, said that more clients are in need of services—a 30-percent increase over the last two years.

“That’s a real struggle for us, to support the food and counseling services,” Desmond said. “The money from Whole Foods will help us continue our open-door policy. No matter how high the numbers get, we don’t turn people away.”

The project was also organized by World Hunger Year, a non-profit dedicated to hunger and poverty. World Hunger Year will also be receiving a portion of Whole Foods’ proceeds from Jan. 6 sales.
Last year, Whole Foods’ locations in the city raised $50,000 during its five-percent day.

An error appeared in this story. Stewart Desmond is the development director at the West Side Campaign Against Hunger.

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