Who Will Speak For The Rectifiers?

Written by Kari Milchman on . Posted in Posts, Technology.

We’ve just received a call from Con Ed representative Chris Olert who assures us that the rectifiers, which the Post reported yesterday may be unsafe, are in fact just peachy keen. Olert says that these are merely “charges from a disgruntled vendor,” namely Kinetics Industries Inc., and that “these devices are definitely safe.” He adds that they’re not accessible to the public, so claims that reaching into the cabinets of Empire rectifiers can result in electrocution are spurious. “These things are safe, they’re in use all over the city,” Olert assures us. Well the first part is extremely comforting if true—but if for some reason Kinetics Industries Inc. isn’t just some loony scorned lover, then the second part is pretty alarming.