Where To Go For Dunkin’

Written by Jill Colvin on . Posted in Eat & Drink, Posts.

This morning, when I placed my coffee order at the counter
of the Dunkin’ Donuts on Madison Avenue at 28th
, it wasn’t the caffeine that knocked me out
of my groggy, sleepy stupor, but the price on the register: $3.24. But I hadn’t
ordered some hoity-toity, mocha-choca-latta-frappucino. All I wanted was my
large iced coffee, which had rung in at a still cringe-worthy $2.75 every time
I’d ordered it for the past three weeks. When Starbucks changed its prices,
taking my Iced Venti Unsweetened Iced Coffee from $2.98 up to $3.03, I was a
little annoyed. But it was Starbucks; it was supposed to be over-priced. And
considering that a Starbucks venti coffee has enough caffeine to make even me
jittery, it seemed somewhat justifiable. But this was Dunkin’ Donuts, with its
bright pink counters, rainbow sprinkled donuts, and egg and bacon breakfast

So I decided to investigate. According to the company,
Dunkin’ Donuts outlets are independent franchises and can therefore set their
own prices and change them at will. That means you may pay very different prices for the same cup of Joe. So which franchise should you visit if
you’re price-conscious but still need a caffeine fix? A survey of 10 of the 182
outlets in the city conducted just minutes ago by your very own, superbly
qualified research team (i.e. me) revealed prices ranging from $2.27 to $3.25
for a large iced coffee. That’s nearly a dollar difference for the same drink!
And it’s not only in Times Square and other
tourist-happy neighborhoods that you’ll have to pay up. We found $3-plus cups all over Manhattan, from Harlem
to Midtown and downtown. In fact, the priciest cup we located is sold up at 125th
and Amsterdam, while the cheapest
can be found just 0.32 miles away, at 321 West 125th. I never
thought I’d say this, but it turns out Starbucks may actually be a bargain.

Photo courtesy of psd on Flickr