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Most New Yorkers have been frustrated trying to find buildings with missing addresses, but Upper West Siders now know that they are home to one of the highest rates of unmarked buildings in the borough. A survey conducted by the office of Borough President Scott Stringer found that Columbus Avenue between West 67th and 83rd streets had the second highest amount of unmarked buildings, with 182 locations missing addresses. That represented nearly 54 percent of all buildings in the area.

Stringer’s office surveyed 13 of Manhattan’s busiest corridors—1,837 locations in total—and found that overall, about 40 percent of buildings were unmarked.

“Right now, finding a street address on even our busiest roads can be aggravating,” Stringer said in a statement, “and even worse, can waste valuable time in the event of an emergency.”
In addition to Columbus Avenue, the survey found that East 42nd Street was found to have a high amount of unmarked addresses (54.7 percent). Another Upper West Side location—West 96th Street between Central Park West and Riverside Drive—contained 85 unmarked buildings, or nearly 25 percent of all properties.

Stringer suggested giving the Department of Sanitation enforcement powers to fine unlabeled buildings, and creating a law that would require all doors of a building to be marked.

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