When the Bed Bites in the Night

Written by Emily Meredith on . Posted in Education, Posts.

If you have woken up to itchy red welts, and rushed to the computer, desperately google-ing “bed bugs,” you are not alone.  Complaints of infestations have increased fourfold in the last two years, a problem the Department of Housing Preservation and Development plans to address in three seminars starting next Wednesday.

For renters living in an infested zone, expert websites advise sterilizing and sealing bedding, furniture and clothing. Before pitching your couch, vacuum-wrapping your mattress or storing your clothes in plastic containers, the city is offering up a series of meetings to help residents handle what council member Miguel Martinez termed an “epidemic.”

As for infestation-etiquette, web forums can help you answer those hard questions, like whether visits to friends post-infestation are appropriate.

With city-wide infestation, spots at the three seminars in Manhattan, Astoria and Bushwick could go quickly. Call 212-863-8830 to reserve your spot.

Photo by mangy_cur on Flickr