What Food Scores the Best?

Written by Sam Roudman on . Posted in Breaking News, Posts.

So where are these poorly scoring restaurants and what are they? The Health Department lets you search restaurants by borough, neighborhood, score and type of cuisine. There are 85 types of cuisine, which generally refer to a food’s nationality or ethnicity (Afghan, Mexican, Cajun), the specific dish served (Bagels/Pretzels, Seafood) or both (Tapas).

In terms of cuisine, American is currently No. 1, with 653 C-scoring restaurants. That’s followed in geopolitical parallel by the Chinese, with 303 C-scoring restaurants. Next up is Pizza, with 171, but if you add those to the somehow separate categories of Italian (110) and Pizza/Italian (39), the Chinese take a step down on the yuck podium.

With cuisine types that have more than 100 restaurants, none have much more than 15 percent in the C range. But for the culinary hypochondriac looking for a safe bet, smoothies, ice cream and donuts all have less than a 5 percent chance of scoring in the C range.

The breakdown of where C-scoring restaurants are is roughly proportional to the total restaurants in a given borough. The Bronx performs the worst in terms of percentage, with 12.3 percent of its restaurant in the C range, followed by Manhattan with 11.4 percent, Queens with 10.4 percent and Brooklyn with 9.3 percent. Staten Island should stand up and take a bow: only 6.2 percent of its restaurants score in the C range.