Remembering Town Shop Owner Peter Koch

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The beloved shop owner was an integral part of his store’s every day workings, and of the community Upper West Side Earlier this month, Peter Koch, the owner of Town Shop, a women’s apparel and lingerie store, passed away at the age of 84. Koch had been diagnosed with lung cancer the previous year, and [&hellip
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LETTER: In Favor of the Frick Expansion

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A reader writes in support of the East Side museum’s proposed plans By Ian Alterman, Upper West Side As a member of the West End Preservation Society, a former co-chair of the Community Board 7 Landmarks Committee, and a huge fan of the Frick, I have been watching with keen interest since news first broke [&hellip
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Art of a Past Life, Stolen

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Former model and photographer of celebrities Bettina Cirone says that someone snatched personally-inscribed Dali prints and Warhol photos from her apartment Upper West Side Even in an apartment plastered with paintings, signed prints and photographs of famous artists, actors, models, singers and politicians, Bettina Cirone noticed immediately when one went missing. Several items, in fact, [&hellip
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Crumbs Will Rise

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The faltering cupcake company closed its doors last week, but now it seems there will be a mini-revival Crumbs Bake Shop may not crumble after all. Following the company’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings and the abrupt closure of all Crumbs locations last week, the company announced on July 11 that the cupcake chain will receive [&hellip
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Raking It In and Still Priced Out

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Young professionals in Manhattan are finding it increasingly difficult to find apartments, even for those with steady incomes Ask a successful New Yorkers about her first apartment in Manhattan, and you’ll usually hear comedic horror stories of 5th floor walk-ups, the lingering smells from the downstairs Thai restaurant, and a lack of storage space. Generations [&hellip
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Construction Firms Accused of Safety Scam

Written by Jennifer Peltz on . Posted in News West Side Spirit

Two Manhattan-based construction companies skirted safety regulations, DA says Two construction safety companies dispatched cooks, hairdressers, bellhops and musicians to sign off as licensed safety experts — one of them dead — on inspections at dozens of high-rise sites, authorities said Wednesday. Flouting a city law that requires a private-sector site safety manager to spend [&hellip
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LETTER: GoodBye to Westway Foods

Written by West Side Spirit on . Posted in News West Side Spirit, Opinion West Side Spirit

Upper West Side After 30 years, a deli closes, and Westway Foods loses a store, but we lose good neighbors, friends and family. The corner grocery store sat on the corner of 78th Street and Amsterdam (375 Amsterdam) for over 30 years. It was like a lighthouse. It guided neighbors day and night. It was [&hellip
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