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Still, some of you seem to enjoy putting yourselves and us through this mindless exercise in futility, so here it is: the 2002 Best of Manhattan Readers’ Poll. Knock yourselves out. Fax your completed poll to 212-244-9864 or mail it to Readers’ Poll, New York Press, 333 7th Ave., 14th fl., NYC 10001. The deadline is Friday, Sept. 13.

And, as always, a note to you small businesspeople who aspire to winning one of the highly coveted “Best of” awards: Ballot-stuffing is frowned upon, and if we catch you we’ll not only disqualify you but humiliate you in print.

Manhattan Living

Best Neighborhood to Avoid

Best 9/11 Opportunism

Best Outdoor Makeout Spot

Best Sports Announcer

Best New York Athlete

Best Subway Station to Avoid

Best Neighborhood

Best Local Celebrity Who Still Is Not Lizzie Grubman

Best Reason to Leave New York

Best Reason to Stay in New York

Best Trend to Laugh At

Media & Politics

Best Weekly Magazine

Best Times Columnist

Best Bush Moment

Best Reason to Avoid New York Press

Best Overused Journalistic Cliche

Best New York Times Writer to Laugh At

Best New York Press Cartoonist

Best Media Columnist

Best New York Post Columnist to Avoid

Best Magazine to Avoid


Best Newsstand

Best Needle Exchange

Best Tobacconist

Best Wine Shop

Best Florist

Best Gourmet Store

Best Guitar Store

Best Children’s Clothes

Best New Beauty Treatment

Best Men’s Clothes

Best Pedicure

Best Boxing Trainer

Best Record Store

Best Spa

Arts & Entertainment

Best Local Band

Best Overhyped Local Band

Best 9/11 Book

Best Rock Club

Best Jazz Venue

Best Art Gallery

Best Overcrowded “It” Spot

Best DJ

Best Local Radio Talk-Show Host

Eats & Drinks

Best Manhattan Bar

Best New Restaurant

Best Bar Jukebox

Best Williamsburg Bar

Best Hetero Pick-Up Scene

Best Gay Pick-Up Scene

Best Late-Night Restaurant

Best Soul Food

Best Breakfast

Best Vegetarian Restaurant

Best Ice Cream

Best Macaroni & Cheese

Best Slice of Pizza

Best Kids’ Restaurant

Best Mexican Restaurant

Best Irish Bar

Best Dog-Friendly Restaurant

Best Food Trend

Best Bar to Avoid

Best First-Date Restaurant

Best Restaurant to Break Up In

Best Outdoor Dining

Best Brooklyn Restaurant

Best Italian Restaurant







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