Weiner Bill To Bring More Security $$$ To NYC

Written by John DeSio on . Posted in Politics, Posts.

Congressman Anthony Weiner is introducing a bill today that would change federal policy on anti-terror funding, decreasing the number of cities eligible for high risk anti-terror funding from the current 46 to just 15.

Had Weiner’s bill been in effect last year, New York City would have picked up at least $49 million more in anti-terror funding. Weiner noted that the Urban Area Security Initiative grants, which his bill would  realign, are currently being used to fund  cities the Department of Homeland Security does not even consider a risk, and that 14 of those cities have populations smaller than Staten Island.

Weiner’s bill is called the THREAT Act (Targeting Homeland Security
Resources Effectively Against Terrorism Act) and will be introduced on the House floor with the dramatic bill number H.R. 911.

"The Bush Administration
has let high threat funding turn into just another pork barrel program, with
everyone from Jacksonville to Milwaukee feeding at the trough," said
Rep. Weiner.  "This is no way to stop terrorists."