WEDNESDAY 10/8 WEDNESDAY 10/8 Rock/Country/Hiphop ASCAP Songwirters Night w/Claire Jenkins, Joe …

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ont face=”Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif” size=”5″>WEDNESDAY 10/8

ASCAP Songwirters Night
w/Claire Jenkins, Joe Rogers, Morgan Clamp, Nina, Jennie Arnau, Randy Frey

Sidewalk Cafe, 8, 2 drink min.

"Bands Against Bush"
feat. Aqui, Ghost of Lester Bangs, Bedouin Thieves, Timber!, Death Pool, Man
In Gray
Luxx, 8, $6.

Bettie Serveert, Courtney
Southpaw, 9, $12, $10 adv.

The Black Keys, Magic
Magicians, the Double
Mercury Lounge, 8:30, $12.

Bourbon Princess, Mesmer,
Red Rover, Surface, Nikki & Dara, the Jon Frederick Band
Acme Underground,

Jim Campilongo, the Animators,
Katie Pfaffl, Gregory Douglas
Living Room, 7.

Captain Danger Downtime,

Martin Carthy Makor,
8, $15.

Paul Clements, Bluu,
De Sol, Nun Bet, Josey Miller, Sirsy
Bitter End, 7, $5.

The Color Bars, Shazam,
the Boss Martians
Maxwell’s, 8:30, $7.

Cracker, Cowboy Mouth
Irving Plaza, 8, $28, $25 adv.

The Dolly Ranchers
Superfine Gallery Restaurant.

Mike Farris (the Screamin’
Cheetah Wheelies), Cache Tolman
Tribeca Rock Club, 9, $12, $10 adv. 18+.

Fearless Management Night,
Four Piece Suits, Nefertiti Jones
Cutting Room, 8, $10 min.

GNYC pres. Plastic East,
Neon Thrills, Cabbage UK, McHenry, Cristina Williams, Broke
8, $5.

Jucifer, Jet By Day,
Suffrajet, Friendly Bears
Sin-é, 8, $8.

The Kills, the Fever,
Bowery Ballroom, 9, $15.

Ron Long, Wha? Band
Cafe Wha?, 9:30, free.

Loser’s Lounge Trib.
to George Harrison
Fez/Time Cafe, 8, $20.

Maplewood, the Spades,
Drive Til Morning, Blizzard of ’78
Luna Lounge, 8:30, free.

Matty Charles & the
Pete’s Candy Store, 10.

Movies With Heroes, Evelyn
Hope, Sleep Station
Knitting Factory Old Office, 8, free.

Music Grinders Lakeside
Lounge, 9:30, free.

123min., Cloned, Pocket
Band, 20 Trap, Less Nessman
Lion’s Den, 7:30, $8, 18+.

Phistine Verona, Defect,
Secret Agent, Little Bill and the Beckleys, Negative Space, Poptart Monkeys

CBGB, 7, $7.

Jonathan Richman, Michael
Northsix, 9, $10.

Röck Cändy
pres. the Slags, Regenerated Headpiece, Deminer, Blue Winter w/DJ Steve Blush

Don Hill’s, 8.

Second Sky, the Grift,
Tobacco Road, 8, $10, $8 adv.

Sixth Great Lake, James
William Hindle, Currituck County
Knitting Factory Tap Bar, 9, $8.

Supergrass Warsaw,
9, $20, $18.50 adv.

Shania Twain Continental
Airlines Arena, 7:30, $45-$80.

Urban Sun, Stasis, Jeff
Saphin, Rana, the Skivz
Arlene’s Grocery, 7, $7.

The Witnesses, the Noise,
the Dagons, Essex
Knitting Factory, 8, $8.

"Women In Music
Night" feat. Jeneen Terrana, Anne Margaret Redding, Mouse (Owl Motel),
Lisa Gould
C-Note, 7.

Zach, Mr. McGregor, Kirsten
Dehaan, Scorpio Thunderbolt, Adrian Romero
CB’s 313 Gallery, 7, $5.


Sam Bardfield Barbes,
9, $8.

Dee Dee Bridgewater
Blue Note, 8 & 10:30, $25-$35.

CoCo & Co. Detour,
9, free.

Tony Danza Feinstein’s
at the Regency, 8:30.

Eddie Davis & His
New Orleans Jazz Band
Cajun, 8.

Jonathan Finlayson w/Roy
Jazz Gallery, $15.

Maria Friedman Cafe
Carlyle, 8:45, $50.

Hot Pants Funk Sextet
Smoke, 9, 11 & 12:30 a.m., free.

Jonathan Kreisberg Trio
Bar Next Door, 8 & 10:30, $5 & 1 drink min.

Nathan & Max Lucas
Organ Trio
Lenox Lounge, 6:30, free.

Kate McGarry Jazz
Standard, 7:30 & 9:30, $15.

Mr. Vivo Via Della
Pace, free.

Nicole Pasternack
Chez Suzette, free.

Mike Stern 55 Bar,
10, $15.

Mike Stien Renaissance
Restaurant, 7, free.

Ray Vega Kavehaz,


Bobby T’s Downtown
A & M Roadhouse, 9:30, free.

Circus Mind Lucille’s,
8, free.

The Glamour Boys
Satalla, 8.

Tania Libertad Joe’s
Pub, 7 & 9:30, $20.

Scrapomatic Ear Inn,
12 a.m., free.

Simaku Galapagos,
8, $10.

The Skatalites B.B.
King Blues Club, 8, $15.

Tchaikovsky’s Duo
12:31, 7, free.


American Composers
series starts tonight w/Steve Reich’s Different Trains; Carnegie
Hall, 8, $15-$42.

Da Capo Chamber Players
kick off season w/salute to NY composers at Merkin Concert Hall at Kaufman Center,
8, $15, $10 st./s.c.


Cuchifritos DJ T-Pro
& friends provide pulsating bliss; SBNY, 10, $5 after 11, 18+.

Damaged DJ Dandy
Sex w/punk, glam, goth & metal to shove you into the second half of the
week; Raven, 10, free.

What chu’ talkin’ bout Johnny McGovern? Oh, guilt-filled Thursday
mornings; Happy Ending, 10, $5.

Scratch Stormin’
Norman & Co. get you open like fallopian tubes; Suede, 10, $10.

Spirit of Solaris
Solaris is the spirit of the night…the na-ight…oh yeah–MC La Reine
& DJ Nova; Alibi, 10, free.

Surf Gang Fundraiser
Support filmmaker Katina del Mar’s partially completed "girl gang
surf" flick & drink $2 Pabst; Remote Lounge, 7, $10 sugg. don.

Transgender Madness
Three levels & two bars full of "trend-setting" trannies; Edelweiss,

Worship Wednesdays
All hail DJ Lola X’s punk & rock sex grooves; Three of Cups, 10, free.



Aloke Dutta Knitting
Factory Tap Bar, 8, $10.

The Asteroid No. 4
Lakeside Lounge, 9:30, free.

BeavHer’s 80s Dance
Party w/DJ Frankie Inglese
Don Hill’s, 11.

Bettie Serveert, Rosa
Chance Well
Maxwell’s, 9, $12, $10 adv.

Bigger Than A Breadbox,
Toke Squeally, Fallen From Grace, the Mar-Tays
Bitter End, 8, $5.

The Black Keys, Magic
Magicians, Runner & the Thermodynamics
Mercury Lounge, 8:30, $12.

Cracker, Cowboy Mouth
Irving Plaza, 8, $28, $25 adv.

The David Kolker Band,
the Darklings, All Female Anniversary Showcase, Lee Feldman
Baggot Inn,
7, $5.

The Deep End, James Carrington,
Eric Nicolas, the Syrups
Cutting Room, 8, $10 min.

Deminer Siberia,

The Drive, the Bamboo
Kids, Gravy
Luna Lounge, 8:30, free.

Jean Grae, Cannibal Ox
Knitting Factory, 9, $15, $12 adv. Jean Grae CD release.

Headmasters Daughter,
Plastic Eaters, Ronin, the Mynks, Reverend Tribble & His Angels
8, free.

The High Caliber, This
Radiate Boy, Cheatin’ Soccer Mom, Graze
Acme Underground, 8.

Vince Jackson, Wha? Band
Cafe Wha?, 9:30, free.

Jucifer, Jet By Day
Luxx, 9, $8.

Patty Larkin, Merrie
Makor, 7:30 & 10, $15.

The Latin Project, Goldblade
Southpaw, 9, $10.

LCD Soundsystem, Casiotone
For the Painfully Alone
Bowery Ballroom, 11, $16, 18+.

Los Vinos, the Oneliest,
the Femme Nameless
Knitting Factory Old Office, 9, $8.

Marmalade, Joanaspolicewoman
Pete’s Candy Store, 9.

Michelle Newman 12:31,
7, free.

The Noise, Michelangelo,
Derek Buckner, Kathy Zimmer
CB’s 313 Gallery, 8, $5.

P.I.C. Stinger, 11,

Pristina Verona, Coral,
Oblivious, Sofia Ramos, Slack, the Houston Brothers
Arlene’s Grocery,
7, $7.

Pushrod, 10% Reptile,
Seven Ender, Jeremiah Freed
Don Hill’s, 7.

Quintron & Miss Pussycat,
Baby Rosebud
Northsix, 9, $12, $10 adv.

Radiohead Madison
Square Garden, 8, $49.50.

Sift, Days Of This, Words
Away, Stinking Lizavetta, Iconoclast, Barbiana Complex
CBGB, 8, $7. Words
Away CD release.

Chris Smither, Stacy
Earle & Mark Stuart
Bottom Line, 7:30 & 10:30, $20.

Soce the Elemental Wizard,
Danny Kelly, Testosterone Kills, Beau Johnson, Leah Hayes, Dave O’Neal

Sidewalk Cafe, 7, 2 drink min.

TJ Swan, Dan Neustadt
Group, Bill McGarver
Living Room, 8.

Julian Velard, Passerby,
Eclectic Troubadpurs, "Theresa Sareo’s Songwriter Circle"

C-Note, 7, $5.

White Magic, Blood On
the Wall, T.K. Webb, Sleepy Doug Show, Dark Little Rooms
Sin-é, 8,

Steve Winwood Beacon
Theater, 8, $30-$78.

Witness Protection Program,
Avatar, Madison Greene, Bad Faces Clan, Garret Saucy
Lion’s Den, 7:30,
$8, 18+.

The Ziggens, Sound Of
Urchin, Bargain Music
Tribeca Rock Club, 8, $10, $8 adv., 18+.


Dee Dee Bridgewater
Blue Note, 8 & 10:30, $30-$40.

Judy Carmichael &
Mike Hashim

Citigrass, Barefoot Manner,
Tobacco Road, 8, $12, $10 adv.

Dankfunk Arts & Science
#11 feat. the Shift
Galapagos, 10, free.

Tony Danza Feinstein’s
at the Regency, 8:30.

Dominic Duval 55
Bar, 8, free.

Mary Foster Conklin
Chez Suzette, free.

Maria Friedman Cafe
Carlyle, 8:45 & 10:45, $50.

Full House Smoke,
9, 11 & 12:30 a.m., free.

Vince Giordano &
the Nighthawks
Cajun, 8.

The Les Goodson Quartet
(John Coltrane Trib.)
St. Nick’s, 9:30, $3.

Sean Jones w/Roy Hargrove
Jazz Gallery, $15.

Peter Mazza Trio
Bar Next Door, 8 & 10:30, $5 & 1 drink min.

Mingus Big Band Fez/Time
Cafe, 7:30 & 10, $10-$18.

Charles Owens Quartet
Kavehaz, 9.

Danilo Perez Jazz
Standard, 7:30 & 9:30, $20.

Ben & Frank Perowsky
Cornelia St. Cafe, 9.

Kurt Rosenwinkel
55 Bar, 10, $7.

The Savage 3 C-Note,

Solo Trio, Eric Biondo’s
Small & Medium
Jazz on the Park, 9.

Mike Stien Renaissance
Restaurant, 7.

Matt Wilson Quartet
Detour, 9, free.


The Cracow Klezmer Band
Merkin Concert Hall at Kaufman Center, 8.

Flamenco Masters
Town Hall, 8, $25-$45.

The Klezmatics Joe’s
Pub, 7 & 9:30, $18. CD release.

Loup Garou Zydeco
A & M Roadhouse, 9:30.

Strunz & Farah
B.B. King Blues Club, 8, $25.


Music for the Spirit
Artek ensemble in program of "German Baroque Duos" at St. Francis
of Assisi, 1:15, free.


Bonita "Surrender
to the frenzy of this romantic night"–DJ Grim supplies Top 40 favorites,
sizzling salsa & a bone for your "ita"; Now Bar, 10.

DJ Claudio Medusa
spins an eclectic mix of Brazilian rare grooves, soul, samba-funk, tropicalia
& some good old samba; Coz, 11, free.

The G Spot Hit it
again…sexy, successful & mature minglers plus DJs Playtime & June;
Joe’s Pub, 11.

G-Spot Hottest, most
intimate lesbian night–save Talbot’s fitting room before closing–w/DJs
Missy, Triny & MK upstairs & reggae downstairs, plus 2-for-1 drinks;
2i’s, 8, $5-$8.

Harmony! Keith Blackwell
promotes togetherness, musical & otherwise w/deep house & Frankie Feliciano
(Ricanstruction); Sullivan Room, 10, $10, $7 st.

Party Rite DJs Lorenzo,
Mello & Smoke’s grade-A selection of hiphop, r&b, reggae, latin
& 80s–feat. Fatfingaz (Sound Assassins/IPB); Sapphire Lounge, 7, $5

Quality Jamaican Pressings
spin reggae, ska, dub & hiphop; Southside.

R ’n’ R Get
DJs Tor & Eric 13 mix punk, hard rock, metal & local music;
Three of Cups, 10, free.

Restricted DJ Punk-Ass
Jason provides rock & soul to go along w/plenty of booze; Lit, 10, free.

Rocks Off Two floors
of rock from its origins to now–that’s a lot of rock, bro; Rivertown
Lounge, 10, free.

Subliminal Sessions
Dimitri from Paris guests w/residents Eric Morillo & Dean Coleman; Discotheque,
11, $10.

TGIT Steve Travolta’s
muscle fest of dance perfection; SBNY, 10, $7 after 11.

Vice Versa Bi/gay/lesbian
pop dance party feat. DJ Steelow; 219 Flamingo, 10, $5.

Well Sussed DJ Jonny
Metro & guests suss you up w/early Who, Sam & Dave & Marvin Gaye–or
at least their records; Raven, 9, free.



Aida, Kelly Buchanan,
Den of Wolves
CB’s 313 Gallery, 8, $7.

Alabama Blacksnake, the
Regs, Hoy
Knitting Factory, 6:30, $7.

Anatomy of a Ghost, Bear
vs. Shark, My Hotel Year, Fear Before the March of Flames
Knitting Factory
Tap Bar, 8, $8.

Ants Marching (Dave Matthews
Band Trib.), Omnisoul, the Shantee, Blackhand
Lion’s Den, 7:30, $12,
$10 adv.

Bad Wizard Luxx,

Beyondo, Dee Farace,
Q2QL3, Bobby Stewert & the Contraires, Aviv roth, Jack Benjamin
7, $5.

"Big Mouth Bout"
feat. Itsrealight vs. Buddha Luvjonz
CB’s 313 Gallery, 11.

Bill Carney & the
Jug Addicts, Beacoup Blue, Adrian Mowry
Freddy’s Backroom, 9:30, free.

The Black Keys, Magic
Magicians, the Dagons
Maxwell’s, 10, $10.

The Brians, the Killer
B’s, Black Death, the Latest Nonsense
Three Jolly Pigeons, 10:30, free.

Calexico, the Flames
Irving Plaza, 8, $18.

Cathy-Ann, Prom King,
Carla Holden, Cynthia Dillenbeck
Baggot Inn, 8, $5.

The Code Talkers, the
Cosmic American Derelicts
Tobacco Road, 9, $15, $12 adv.

Congregation w/DJ Goldie
Galapagos, 7, $5.

"Daniel Pearl Music
Day" w/Marmalade, the King of France, the Rappaport Account, Louis Epstein,
Jeffrey Foucault, Rachel McCartney
Living Room, 7.

Dark Horses Lakeside
Lounge, 11, free.

Days Of Wild, Jared Booty,
Dyvr, Knee Deep Shag, Pete Schmidt
Bitter End, 8, $7.

Evil Queens, Slow Wire,
Snakes & Musaque, Bodhi
Siberia, 9.

The Father and the Son,
the Voyces, Zerobridge, Rob Hogan, Robin Aigner, Danny Rocket
Sidewalk Cafe,
7:30, 2 drink min.

Redd Foehl Tribeca
Rock Club, 8:30, $12, 18+.

The Frogs, the Everyothers,
the Summarians
Knitting Factory, 10, $12, $10 adv.

Beth Gibbons (Portishead)
& Rustin Man, Devendra Banhart
St. Ann’s Warehouse, 8, $27.50.

GNYC pres. Plastic Fantastics,
Elastic Engines, Vaeda, Iydai, Trio Grande, Dirty White Fashion, Green To Think

CBGB Downstairs Lounge, 7, $7.

Guignol, Barbez, Gutbucket,
Pink Noise
Northsix, 9, $10.

Schon Jomel, Wha? Band
Cafe Wha?, 9:30 & 11:45, $10.

The Latin Project
Joe’s Pub, 7:30, $10.

Leanin 6, Torture Sermon,
Brett Rothenhaus, Temple of Echoes, True Nature, Atomic Missiles
Grocery, 7, $7.

Loser’s Lounge Trib.
to George Harrison
Fez/Time Cafe, 9, $20.

Dan Lotti 12:31,
7, free.

The Malarkies, Ill Ease,
Lo Fine
Pete’s Candy Store, 9.

Melange, Julius Klein,
Kreisor, Two Minute Hute, Jiggers Is King, Dr. Spunk
Rare, 9, $5.

Mofro, Jonah Smith, Spookie
Daly Pride
Bowery Ballroom, 9, $13, 18+.

Naiobe, Product Of You,
Downpore, Strength In Numbers, Ecotone
CBGB, 8, $10.

Opium Pillowcase, the
Hissyfits, the Hong Kong, the Blondes, Inc., Quality In Bed
9, $8.

Opti-Grab CD Release
Party feat. Silver
Don Hill’s, 8, $10. Visuals by Eyecandyusa.

The Panthers,TV On the
Radio, the Vexers
Southpaw, 9, $10, $8 adv.

Pink Slip, the Billionaire
Boys Club, 3rd Degree, 10 Heads High, Triniti, Vs. the Earth, Split Fifty

Acme Underground, 7.

Ther Pocket Band
Knitting Factory Old Office, 9, $6.

The Priests, McAllister,
MYTVs, Lez Zepplin, Four Trips Ahead
Continental, 9:30, $5.

Pupster, BenZona, Candy
From Strangers, I Love You
Luna Lounge, 8:30, free.

Quintron & Miss Pussycat,
Baby Dayliner, Baby Rosebud, the Six Parts Seven
Mercury Lounge, 8:30, $12.

Radiohead Madison
Square Garden, 8, $49.50.

Colleen Sexton Cutting
Room, 8:30, $12 & $10 min. CD release.

Tom Brian Thompson
Joyous Life Theater, 9:30, $10.

Tower of Power B.B.
King Blues Club, 8 & 10:30, $30, $25 adv.

Yo La Tengo, Sun Ra Arkestra,
the Aislers Set
Warsaw, 8, $20.


Monty Alexander Trio
Smoke, $25.

Dee Dee Bridgewater
Blue Note, 8 & 10:30, $30-$40.

Maxine Brown, Beverly
Crosby, Ella Garrett
Lenox Lounge, 9, 10:45 & 12:30 a.m., $15.

Maurice Brown w/Roy Hargrove
Jazz Gallery.

The Canal Street Dixieland
Cajun, 8.

Judy Carmichael &
Mike Hashim

Marci Castro Chez
Suzette, free.

Tony Danza Feinstein’s
at the Regency, 8:30 & 11.

Dave Douglas Quartet
Cornelia St. Cafe.

Maria Friedman Cafe
Carlyle, 8:45 & 10:45, $50.

Sunna Gunnlaugs Trio,
Groove Apparatus

Jazz at Noon Cafe
St. Bart’s, 12 p.m.

Randy Johnstone Magnolia,

Lapis Luna Blue Water
Grill, free.

Tiombe Lockhart BAM
Cafe, 9.

Danilo Perez Jazz
Standard, 7:30, 9:30 & 11:30, $25.

Will Sellenraad Detour,
9:30, free.

Squirrels from Hell
Otto’s Shrunken Head, 10.

Dave Weckl Band Bottom
Line, 7:30 & 10:30, $20.


Mac Benford & Upsouth
Blarney Star, 9 & 10:30, $15.

Jonathan Kalb Lucille’s,
10, free.

T.N. Krishnan, N. Rajam
Leonard Nimoy Thalia, Peter Norton Symphony Space, $15-$30.

Strunz & Farah
Inter-Media Art Center, 9, $37.50.


Guitarists Liam Wood
& Ben Moran pres. "mix of Renaissance, Baroque and modern music"
at Third St. Music School Settlement, 7:30.

Irish Organist Anne Leahy
in concert at Church of the Transfiguration, 7:30, $10 don.

"The Only NY Concert
Commemorating the Centennial of the Armenian Composer Aram Khachaturian’s
tonight at Carnegie Hall, 8, $15-$45.


Alt-Sinsation For
when your everyday Sinsation just doesn’ t cut it–DJ Grim spins synth
core, punk, metal, ska, 80’s & new wave; Now Bar, 10, $20, ladies $15.

Bang the Party EMan
does it outer-borough style w/live music from Tortured Soul; the Duplexx, 10,
$10, $5 before 12 a.m.

Blend Mike T. Brown
& Davidson Ospina head an armada of DJs–dinner res. 212-594-9355; Global
33, 6, free.

Bunker Timeblind
& DJ Spinoza’s weekly genre-clash is the safest place to be when shit
goes down. A la Deep Impact, not Armageddon. Eat it, Ben; Subtonic,
9, free.

Diabolik DJs Dandy
Sex & George spin wild punk & 80s; Raven, 10, free.

DJ Andee of the Pop
Star Kids spins new wave, rock & rare grooves; Galapagos, 10, free.

Famous Lovely DJ
Mark Raskin gives you your very own 15 mins. w/altered rock beats, trippy visuals
& pretty faces; Shebeen, 9:30, free.

Frisky Fridays After-work
slammer w/"NYC’s sexiest" DJ Lex; Groovejet Lounge, 5, free.

Full Frontal Fridays
Pulp Friction becomes much more than just your favorite porno, whatever that
means–feat. David Knapp; SBNY, 10, $5-$15.

Futurefunk Sessions
"Electro-acoustic-organic-signal relay DJs"; Lucky Cat Cafe, free.

GBH Carl Kennedy
& Frank Delour spinning hiphop & classics downstairs; Lotus, 10, $20.

Gumbo Downtown trendy
crowd dances to DJ Reach’s hiphop, rock & 80s mix–he’s on
the Carson Daly Show in case you doubted his street cred; Joe’s
Pub, 11.

Oktoberfist "Herr
Daniel Nardicio brings back this 3rd annual fistfest celebrating Germany &
the art of fisting" feat. all-night erotic bavarian beer garden, leather
& live music from Chris March, Taylor Mac, Lady Ace, Sweetie & gay rockers
Pink Steel–plus live Fisting For Dollars! gameshow; Slide, 11, $10.

Rise DJ Red Boy rocks
r&b, hiphop & reggae upstairs; downstairs, chill w/soul, funk &
deep house–guestlist 212-807-1775; 2i’s, 10:30, $10-$15, women free
before 12 a.m.

Rock Lives Here It’s
official–DJ Morgan keeps the local scene alive; Three of Cups, 10, free.

Trash! DJs Jess &
Alex Malfunction cater to new wave/britpop/rock/electro/indie junkies; RiFiFi,
8, $5.

True New York Fridays
All types of tunes spread over three floors–guestlist 212-560-5616; China
Club, 10, $25.



"Bands Against Bush
Benefit" feat. Semiautomatic, the Double, Victory Riot Youth Orchestra,
Tomorrow’s Friend
Knitting Factory Tap Bar, 9, $8.

"Bands Against Bush
Benefit" feat. Langhorne Slim, Juan Guerrero (the Victoria Lucas), the
Lonely Samoans, Gina Young
Knitting Factory Old Office, 8, $8.

Joe Barnes, Wha? Band
Cafe Wha?, 9:30 & 11:45, $12.

The Big Wu, the Recipe,
Bluestring, Ludo
Lion’s Den, 7:30, $10, 18+.

Blueberry, the Sydney
Alexis, the Somebodies, Gabrielle, Jennifer Glass, Happy Chichester
Room, 7.

Bossa Noga, Za, Dogs,
Pavlov, Goodseven, Tzofa, Cheredaanie, Pike
CBGB, 6, $15.

Richard Buckner, the
Cash Brothers
Mercury Lounge, 8, $12.

Captains Of Industry,
Scorpio Thunderbolt
Siberia, 9.

Bradley Coles Cutting
Room, 8, $10 min.

The Dimestore Dance Band,
Patrick McGrath
Pete’s Candy Store, 9.

Dusty Wright & the
Lakeside Lounge, 11, free.

Electric Frankenstein,
Goldblade, the Blam, Triplecreme
Sin-é, 9, $8.

Engine Orange, Sickdeep,
Veraspeed, All Styles Wicked, Alexis Machine
Continental, 8, $5.

Evil Queens, Groovsky,
Crooked Road
Freddy’s Backroom, 9:30, free.

Fannypack, Chromeo w/DJ
Knitting Factory, 9, $14, $10 adv.

Beth Gibbons (Portishead)
& Rustin Man, Devendra Banhart
St. Ann’s Warehouse, 8, $27.50.

GNYC pres. Wired, Cube,
Sed, the Better World, No Return, Sonagirl, Gina Kaz Band
CBGB Downstairs
Lounge, 7, $7.

Grandfather Ridiculous,
the Bridge, Cold Duck Complex
Tribeca Rock Club, 9:30, $10, 18+.

"Gray vs. Blue 2003:
North-South Battle of the Bands" w/the Blind Pharaohs, Candy Snatchers,
Wanda Jackson 5, Jimmy & the Teasers, Barnyard Playboys, Deviltones, Snake
Charmers, She-Wolves, Disruptors, Dragstrip Syndicate, Tremors, Pistolwhippers,
Bad Checks, Leadfoot, Lords of the Highway, the Goons, Satan’s Teardrops,
the Buzzards
Union Pool, 2 p.m., $10.

The Handsome Family,
Jim White
Bowery Ballroom, 10, $13.

Hot Hot Heat, the French
Kicks, Ima Robot
Irving Plaza, 8, sold out.

Hypertonics Galapagos,
7, $7.

Kieran Ridge Band, Barn
Burning, One Star Hotel, the Trolley Vox, Oneside
Baggot Inn, 7:30, $5.

Knockout Drops, Acquiesce,
the Houston Brothers
Maxwell’s, 10, $7.

Loser’s Lounge Trib.
to George Harrison
Fez/Time Cafe, 8 & 11, $20.

"McQ’s 20th
Anniversary Underground Music Festival" w/Autobot City, Farewood, Nicola,
the Screaming Meemies, the KudaBins, GW Lounge
C-Note, 7.

Metric, the Desert Fathers,
Stella Link, Upwelling
Southpaw, 9, $8.

Niagaras Cutting
Room, 12 a.m., $10 min.

"Pong the Tournament"
w/Huge, Pisser, Onceler Redemption, Dan Fuchs
Arlene’s Grocery, 8,

The Six Parts Seven,
the Neal Pollack Invasion
Luxx, 8, $8.

Slick 57, Stupid, the
Twelve, Electric Engine
Luna Lounge, 8:30, free.

Spitfire, Chasing Sunday,
Mara Levi, Jacob, Julian Velard
Sidewalk Cafe, 8, 2 drink min.

Strange Light, the Stereotypes,
Cosmopolis, Audio Fiction, Prankstar, Random Computer, Finespun
Acme Underground,

Ronley Teper, Self Contained
Unit, Tama Waipara, Electrik Shoes
CB’s 313 Gallery, 8, $7, $5 after

Tiswas pres. Saintface,
the (5 O’Clock) Heroes, These Bones w/DJs Nick Marc & Justine D.

Don Hill’s.

Tower of Power B.B.
King Blues Club, 8 & 10:30, $30, $25 adv.


Monty Alexander Trio
Smoke, $25.

Anti-Social Music
CAMI Hall, 8, $9.99.

The Benevento/Russo Duo
Mercury Lounge, 12 a.m., $12, $10 adv.

Dee Dee Bridgewater
Blue Note, 8 & 10:30, $30-$40.

Maxine Brown, Beverly
Crosby, Ella Garrett
Lenox Lounge, 9, 10:45 & 12:30 a.m., $15.

Judy Carmichael &
Mike Hashim

Tony Danza Feinstein’s
at the Regency, 8:30 & 11.

Dapp Theory Jazz
Gallery, $15.

Rick DellaRatta Jazz
on the Park, 8, $15 don.

Maria Friedman Cafe
Carlyle, 8:45 & 10:45, $50.

Giacomo Gates Chez
Suzette, free.

The Groove Trust, Cyrus,
Ryan Montbleau
Tobacco Road, 9, $12, $10 adv.

Sunna Gunnlaugs Trio,
Groove Apparatus, Anastasia Rene

Fran Landesman w/Jackie
Cain & Bob Dorough
Joe’s Pub, 7 & 9:30, $30.

Danilo Perez Jazz
Standard, 7:30, 9:30 & 11:30, $25.

The Red Onion Jazz Band
Cajun, 8:30, free.

Rick Stone Brooklyn
Conservatory of Music.

Uncle Moon BAM Cafe,

James Yarish Trio
Magnolia, 10, free.


Nikki Armstrong Lucille’s,
10, free.

Hazmat Modine Terra
Blues, 7.

Kwaakye Obeng Trio
Cornelia St. Cafe, 8 & 10.

Joe Zook & Blues
A & M Roadhouse, 9:30.


Dazzling Works of the
English & Italian Baroque
w/Jessica Gould (soprano), Lucas Harris (lute
& guitar) & Carlene Stober (viola) at the equally dazzling Morris-Jumel
Mansion, 2, $15.

Krzysztof Penderecki
The Walden Chamber Players perform work by Polish composer as part of the "Portraits"
series at Columbia’s Miller Theatre, 8, $20, $12 st.


Cupcake DJs Jason
Williams & Markus Miller’s frosting-topped techno derivatives for frosted-tipped
clubbers; Subtonic, 9, free.

Decadence DJ Kasper
gets decadent on your behind; Joe’s Pub, 11, free.

DJ Salinger Break-beat,
afro-funk & jazz; Galapagos, 10, free.

DJs Law & Disorder
throw rock, classic alt & britpop in your general direction; Southside,

Femme Fatale Jayne
County hits you w/ravenous mix of glam/punk/garage; Raven, free.

Latin Passport Hot
jam for all you border-crossing crazies w/Latin tunes–plus VIP room feat.
dance & reggae/hiphop; Club NY, 10.

Loca’s Lounge
Mad DJs for "boys, girls & everything in between"; Stingy Lulu’s,
9, free.

Madonnathon Hear
new "Peter" remixes of Madge’s latest "music"; Roxy,

Midnight Party Criuse
DJs & dancing till 5 a.m. aboard The Star of Palm Beach–
for info; Hudson River Park, 11:30, $25.

Pop Gear! 60s pop
from DJs Michaa