Watch-Snatcher Hits Upscale Store

Written by Joanna Fantozzi on . Posted in Crime Watch West Side Spirit, West Side Spirit.

On March 22nd, employees at an upscale clothing store on Columbus Avenue observed an unknown man enter the store, putter around, and then leave after five minutes. The man then re-entered and handed the cashier two shoeboxes. He said he did not have enough cash to pay for the shoes, and would be back with cash. About 20 minutes later, an employee became aware that seven watches were missing from the display case in the front of the store. In total, $6,000 worth of merchandise was stolen. The security footage shows the perpetrator touching the counter with his bare hands. Police dusted for fingerprints, and are on the lookout for the perpetrator. He was wearing scrubs, and had a noticeable facial scar.

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