Washington Square Park Struggle Continues

Written by Matt Elzweig on . Posted in Politics, Posts.

Unless neighborhood activists decide to lie down in front of the bulldozers, Manhattan L.P. will be celebrating its latest acquisition very soon: Washington Square Park. That’s because a Supreme Court judge dismissed a suit filed against the city by the activists who oppose a controversial redesign
of the park yesterday. The petitioners had hoped to stall the city by
forcing it to conduct a lengthy environmental impact study of the

After its victory, Manhattan L.P. said construction will begin this
month. Whether you’re a fan of New York, Big Box Edition, or not, that
means three-years of a largely closed park for everyone – neighborhood,
chainsaw jugglers, dogwalkers and oregano-sellers alike.

If the renaming of what is now called “Tisch Fountain” is any indication of the shape the iconic gathering spot will take in the near future, doomsayers visions of a privatized, sanitized park will be realized.

Photo by David Shankbone