Useful U-Turn

Written by NYPress on . Posted in Crime Watch West Side Spirit, West Side Spirit.

At 2:10 a.m. on the morning of Thursday, April 18, a 68-year-old male taxi driver picked up a fare on Columbus Avenue. The passenger said he wanted to go to 25th Street and Lexington Avenue. After they drove one block east to Central Park West, the passenger pulled out a black firearm and put it through the opening of the taxi partition, holding it to the cabdriver’s neck. The passenger said, “Don’t do nothing stupid. Give me your money; look what I have.” Thinking quickly, the cabbie made a sudden U-turn to try to get a passing cab to notice him. This unexpected maneuver caused the passenger to exit the cab and flee on foot in an unknown direction. True to his profession, the cabbie picked up another fare before reporting the incident to police.

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