Update: Landmarks Commission Says Former Beastie Boy’s Home Not a Landmark

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Photo by James Kelleher.

NY Press recently reported Developer Stephan Boivin filed for demolition permits for the home at , which formerly belonged to Beastie Boy . The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation () has been fighting to have the property preserved by the Preservation Commission ().

The LPC recently declared the site not an individual landmark, the reports. The property does not retain enough of its original material to be considered. According to the LPC’s statement, the general area is still under review, but not an immediate priority.

GVSHP Executive Director told the Press this is not a vote, so the decision could change “at any time.” Berman said his group has sent the LPC further important information, hoping to influence their decision about the property.

This information includes a letter in which Berman and various advocates cite the area’s “powerful and unique connection to the early gay rights movement and New York’s earliest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered () communities and their struggle.”

Declaring the area in which the house stands a landmark zone would still preserve the property, even if it’s not independently a landmark.

—Alissa Fleck

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