Show Me Your Papers (Or Die Trying): A French Perspective on Racial Profiling

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As debates surrounding the Supreme Court’s decision to amend Arizona’s SB 1070 Immigration law rage on, immigrant communities around the country have expressed concern that the “show me your paper” provision will lead to racial profiling. Meanwhile, defenders of the law, including Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, have argued that policemen are trained not to profile [&hellip
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Column: Are City Council Hearings Better Than Broadway?

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There’s no “behind the scenes” of a City Council hearing, particularly one as contentious and impassioned as the recent hearing on NYU’s proposed expansion. Indeed the spectacle unfolded without pretense. (by Alissa Fleck) Last week at 8 a.m. on the morning of the hearing, plan opponents clutching massive, colorful banners flooded the City Hall steps [&hellip
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Seven Ways to Have an Offbeat Fourth of July

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If you’re like me, you’re tired of the same old hot dog-eating contests and day-drunk doldrums of Fourths of July past. This year, you’re looking for a new way to declare your independence that doesn’t involve increasingly stimulating ways of risking life and limb to outdo the last year’s thrills. I’ve compiled the following list [&hellip
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Who’s Really Behind That Furry Costume? A Look at NYC’s Elmo Impersonators

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An Elmo impersonator was arrested and subsequently hospitalized Sunday outside the Central Park Zoo for shouting, among other things, anti-Semitic obscenities at passersby. (by Alissa Fleck) An investigation into Elmo’s background uncovered the man, who gave the name Adam Sandler, formerly ran a Cambodian pornography site. Additionally, Gothamist revealed Elmo-gone-crazy-in-the-park is by no means an [&hellip
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A Look at Some of Manhattan’s Urgent Care Centers

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by Amanda Woods “In the past, the emergency room was your only option for receiving care for any minor or not-so-minor injury,” said Mark Melrose, D.O., co-founder of Urgent Care Manhattan on the Upper West Side. “The ER was the only game in town.” Today, about 40 percent of visits to hospital emergency departments are for nonurgent or semi-urgent problems, [&hellip
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Seven Important Lessons I Learned from Nora Ephron

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Nora Ephron, the Oscar-nominated screenwriter, director and longtime journalist/essayist, passed away in Manhattan last night at the age of 71. Ephron’s career was vast and had much to offer in the way of teaching. She was beloved for her romantic comedies as much as her own brand of feminism, which included no shortage of realist [&hellip
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Ladies Be Warned: NYC “Artist” Takes Videos and Pics of Unsuspecting Women on the Subway

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Photo courtesy of Wiki Commons. by Adel Manoukian If you’re a young woman taking the train, you may be filmed or photographed and not even know it. John Zippy has uploaded 35 videos with titles like “Sexy Asian Girls” or “Hot Nerd Girl” onto his Youtube account and about 102 photographs of unsuspecting females on his blog entitled  “New York [&hellip
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Campaign Roundup: Cuomo endorses Velazquez and Rangel

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Rudy Giuliani. Photo courtesy of Wiki Commons. U.S. Senate Wendy Long and Bob Turner got into a spat over a robocall Rudy Giuliani recorded for Turner. Brooklyn Fearing the potential election of Charles Barron, a flood of national campaign cash in flowing in for Hakeem Jeffries. Nydia Velazquez and her challengers debated on NY1. Manhattan Tom Duane officially endorsed Brad Hoylman. Queens [&hellip
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