U.S. Census Shows Gap Between Rich and Poor New Yorkers Has Grown

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Photo by dgphilli. Courtesy of Flikr Creative Commons. by Nora Bosworth In 2009 the National Bureau of Economic Research announced that the country’s recession had formally ended; on Thursday a U.S. census showed that income inequality has risen throughout New York City, with Manhattan’s income gap mirroring that of sub-Saharan Africa. The New York Times reported that only a handful of developing countries—note, [&hellip
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Did You Know About the 800 Prisoners Held on the East River Barge?

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Photo by reivax. Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons. by Nora Bosworth Riker’s Island is well known to New Yorkers, both in lore and in the news. Yet its counterpart, a $161 million barge that houses an approximate 800 inmates, has gone largely unnoticed as it bobs on the East River. Apparently the jail at Riker’s addresses overcrowding in their main complex by holding [&hellip
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New York City’s Most Popular Baby Names: Isabella and Jayden

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Photo by skeddy in NYC, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons. By Paul Bisceglio If a new mother in the city happens to challenge you to guess her baby’s name, you now know your safest bet: Isabella or Jayden. On Wednesday, mayor Michael Bloomberg announced New York City’s most popular baby names of 2011. The results were gleaned from the Health Department’s birth certificates, which identified [&hellip
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Letter to Readers

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Dear Reader, I’m writing to let you know that this is the 10th Anniversary year of the prestigious Blackboard Awards, which honors local schools, principals, and teachers of excellence. Please let everyone in your school community—parents and educators alike—know that we are presently accepting nominations for the Awards for schools and principals, taking place on [&hellip
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Million-Dollar Playground for Riverside Kids

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Playground As happy kids scrambled around the new playground equipment on a sunny Thursday morning, equally happy adults announced the official reopening of Neufeld Playground in Riverside Park. The beloved Upper West Side play spot had closed for over seven months to undergo a $900,000 renovation, and parents, caretakers and children gathered for the revamped playground’s [&hellip
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How and Where to Watch the Republican National Convention in NYC

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The opening night of the GOP Convention in Tampa may have been canceled due to inclement weather, but it takes a lot more than bad weather to keep New Yorkers from coming out to cheer, boo or be entirely indifferent to national political happenings. Below are a couple ways to engage your political sensibilities this [&hellip
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LGBTQ History Becomes Focus of Saving 186 Spring Street Federal Style House

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By Alissa Fleck When the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation (GVSHP) first discovered that developer Stephan Boivin intended to raze the 1824 federal style house formerly belonging to Beastie Boy Adam Horovitz, the group focused primarily on the house’s architectural merit. Boivin’s development group, Nordica, hoped to transform the house into apartments and retail [&hellip
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