Hurricane Sandy Survivors: Dispatches From The “Dead Zone”

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The controversy over canceling the New York City marathon this weekend does not merely extend to the dangers posed for runners by downed power lines and flooding throughout the city — it also has to do with displaced residents of downtown Manhattan who just want to go home in peace. For those who can’t go [&hellip
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Ways You Can Help Out With Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort

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Want to help out with the hurricane relief effort but not sure how? Below are links to volunteer opportunities around the city as well as places accepting donations of blankets, batteries and nonperishable items. You can also consider donating money or blood at List of blood drives in NYC JCorps Volunteering Lower Manhattan Help [&hellip
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The Protagonist: Amateur Writers and “Thirty Days and Nights of Literary Abandon”

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NaNoWriMo, which describes its rigorous program as “Thirty Days and Thirty Nights of Literary Abandon,” may sound like a carefree, hallucinogenic-fueled retreat for the literarily ambitious, but the group has more of a take-no-prisoners approach.   Mark Phair is a software developer and new father in Seattle, who dreams of days spent splitting his time [&hellip
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Where to Get Hurricane Relief Effort Updates

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20121103095839-A6tkGi2CQAABBlP Electricity was restored to parts of the Lower East Side and East Village on Friday, and hopefully all of Manhattan will have power soon, but relief efforts are far from over. Look to the links below for continually updated coverage on relief efforts in your area. Twitter:  @FEMA  @RedCross  @RedCrossNY  @ConEdison  [&hellip
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The Protagonist: Spider-Man The Book—Insight Into a Closed World or Capitalizing on Failure?

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The New York Times announced this week Glen Berger, the playwright of reported media circus “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark,” signed on with Simon & Schuster to pen a book about the “most controversial musical in Broadway history.” It was also the most expensive, according to the Times. Berger was charged with helping rewrite the [&hellip
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F.B.I. Accuses Man of Attempting to Blow Up Manhattan Federal Reserve

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Photo courtesy of Wiki Commons. by Nora Bosworth Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis, 23, arrived to the United States in January on a student visa, and settled in Jamaica, Queens.  About six months later, according to court documents, Nafis attempted to recruit various men for a jihadist terrorist attack on American land. But there was a substantial glitch in his [&hellip
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Jewish Groups Sue City over Restriction on Ultra-Orthodox Rite

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Via Wiki Commons by Nora Bosworth On Thursday a coalition of Jewish groups sued the city over the Department of Health’s regulation on an ultra-orthodox form of circumcision, mandating that parents provide written consent before going through with the procedure. The rule, implemented last month, refers solely to the circumciser’s ancient practice of using his mouth to suck [&hellip
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Lady Smarts: How to Find . . . an Apartment

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woman By Meredith Russo lady noun [ley-dee] 1. a woman who is refined, polite, and well-spoken. 2. any woman; female.   smart(s) noun [smahrt] 1. a sharp local pain, usually superficial, as from a wound, blow, or sting. 2. keen mental suffering, as from wounded feelings, affliction, grievous loss, etc. 3. Slang. intelligence; common sense.   [&hellip
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Music Island Reemerges Amid Prospect Park

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Courtesy of Wiki Creative Commons by Nora Bosworth New Yorkers who have walked around Prospect Park of late probably noticed that long construction sign curving around the Southern part of the pedestrian loop, advertising the soon-to-be “Lakeside” site. What they likely didn’t know about was Music Island, nestled quietly in a cove off the lake’s southeastern shore, waiting to be [&hellip
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