Bouncing Back After Sandy

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Clinton Hall 90 Washington Street (corner of Rector Street) Abraham Merchant’s eponymous cafe at the corner of Washington and Rector Streets was completely destroyed by Sandy. But Merchant, undeterred, decided to open a brand new beer garden in his old space to replace the business the storm took away. Clinton Hall now serves craft beer [&hellip
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Moving a Lexington Ave. bus stop Community Board 8 passed a resolution in support of moving a bus stop so it will be closer to the F Train subway entrance on 63rd Street and Lexington Avenue. The M101, M102 and M103 downtown Lexington Avenue line currently stops between 64th and 65th Street. The resolution asks [&hellip
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Everlasting Album Art

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Browsing Don Hunstein’s timeless pop star photography      You got older but they didn’t.  See them as they were—Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel, Aretha Franklin, and dozens more–in their best preserved envelope of time.  Photographs by Don Hunstein, the great “in-house photographer” for Columbia Records, are in a show encompassing 30 years, [&hellip
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Anniversary Songs

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Revisiting a Costello classic 30 years on 1983…Elvis Costello’s Punch the Clock was born to be misunderstood and underestimated.  After all, following the incendiary explosions of his first four albums and his successful “experimentation” into Motown, club, and country western stylings, Costello had released Imperial Bedroom the prior year.  Towering in literary emotional exhaustion, that [&hellip
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Prison for Sale in Chelsea

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On a recent morning on the west side of Manhattan, Wendy Featherstone showed off a prime piece of real estate that many New Yorkers don’t know exists. The eight-story brick building in Chelsea’s gallery district has three terraces, one with views of the Statue of Liberty and cruise ships docking along the Hudson River. There’s [&hellip
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P.S. 150 Parents React to DOE’s Plan to Relocate School to Chelsea

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P.S. 150 Principal Jenny Bonnet sent a letter to parents informing them their children’s school would be moving from its Tribeca location to Chelsea after one more year in its current spot. Bonnet said the Department of Education and the school would work together to make this transition as smooth as possible, including using school [&hellip
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Loot of the World

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Fate of Detroit’s premier art museum serves warning to the nation By Emma Lockridge The collective spirit of financially beleaguered Detroiters mirrors a declaration from Celie in The Color Purple: “I’m poor, black, my situation is ugly, but God, I’m still here.” While the people stay put in Motown, will the city’s art museum survive [&hellip
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