Two Maseratis Stolen in the City, Reminiscent of Blockbuster Film “Drive”

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There are some -loving thieves on the loose in the City, and they’ve gotten totally bold.

(by Alissa Fleck)

This week alone, two Maseratis have been filched from their respective owners, reports. One case involved a recent Florida transplant to the City, who was driving his ritzy ride around at 5 a.m., when two thieves pulled just about the oldest trick in the book.

The man briefly exited his vehicle, keys still in the ignition, when the men approached asking if they could pose for a photo inside, reports the news blog. After he gave his consent, the men got inside and went nuts, fleeing in the swanky station wagon.

Then, last night in , , an off-duty corrections officer left a deli only to find himself in a holdup over…you guessed it—his Maserati. The officer handed over the keys to his $130,000 vehicle, and the thieves made off into the night.

The officer alerted cops to the situation, which resulted in a high-speed chase, ultimately ending in the thieves crashing the Maserati. They ditched the ride in an alley, according to Gothamist, and fled on foot, said witnesses. Gothamist reports, and we agree, it’s something straight out of Director ’s hit, , minus .

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