Tourist Attacked by Man With a Hammer in City Hall Park

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Photo Courtesy of Wiki Commons

Here’s one visit to New York that did not end well. Yesterday, a tourist from Barcelona was attacked by a man in a suit and tie in City Hall Park, reported Gothamist. The weapon of choice? A hammer. According to witnesses, the attacker—who supposedly “looked normal”—repeatedly struck the man with the claw end of the hammer.

The attacker, 43-year-old John Yoos, screamed about Nazis and various American presidents while striking the man, according to police. Witnesses took Yoos down to the ground and held him until police arrived. The victim suffered a fractured skill and defensive wounds, but is in stable condition according to the NY Post. His wife witnessed the whole disturbing incident.

The attack is reminiscent of another random act of violence two weeks ago on the Upper East Side, in which a crazed homeless man stabbed a young woman walking down the street. Hopefully this recent spate of summer violence calms down soon.

—Alissa Fleck

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