Tougher Enforcement

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To the Editor:

This “law be damned” attitude by bikers (“Dismount Signs Ignored, Taken Down in Riverside Park,” Sept. 2) is the result of a long period of time when Park Dept. staff stood idly by (check Central Park, for example) while miscreant cyclists thumbed their noses at the rules.

Result? Ambulances in our parks. See if that is the case in London, Paris, Rome or Moscow.

Nicholas Arena
Upper West Side

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  • Art4nyc

    And while we are at it, let’s ticket those thugs who let their dogs off leash so they can run in the path of cyclists causing them to crash on the roads of said Central Park. OH, and please, by all means let’s continue to use those retractable leashes so that we can ‘clothes line’ some unexpected cyclist or runner; I mean we wouldn’t want to force some lazy dog walker to walk the extra five feet to the location where their dog wants to eliminate themselves. Gee, I hope I haven’t ‘stepped in it’.