Tornado Hit Queens and Brooklyn on Saturday

Written by NYPress on . Posted in Breaking News.

Damage from the 2007 tornado in Brooklyn. Photo courtesy of Wiki Commons

by Nora Bosworth

While Saturday felt like just another—very—rainy day to most New Yorkers, for residents of Breezy Point, Queens it was an unexpected encounter with a cinematic twister. While the tornado was relatively weak, (the National Weather Service gave it a zero out of five on the Fujita scale), it still managed to terrify witnesses, topple power lines, and sever roofs from their houses.

Almost as quickly as the storm made its rounds, onlookers had whipped out their cell phones and posted footage online. One witness told CNN, “”It literally looked like the Wizard of Oz.” Another was relaxing in her cabana at Breezy Point Surf Club when she saw the twister coming in and ran for cover, she told the New York Times.

The tornado hit the Rockaways at 70 miles an hour, according to the Times, and also struck Canarsie, Brooklyn at 110 miles an hour. Luckily, no one reported any injuries.

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