Tide Theft

Written by Jerry Danzig on . Posted in Crime Watch West Side Spirit.

A 57-year-old man stole four boxes of Tide bleach and pulled a knife as he resisted arrest. At 1:30 AM on Saturday, July 6, the man entered a chain drugstore on Amsterdam Avenue, removed the bleach from a shelf, and placed it in a black bag. He then attempted to leave the store without paying. When he was accosted by store personnel, the man became physical, pushing and shoving a 25-year-old store employee and brandishing a knife,. The man then grabbed his black bag and fled southbound on Amsterdam Avenue. Three police officers stopped the thief, who struggled with the officers,. The burglar was positively identified by a witness, and a police officer recovered the knife from the man’s back right pocket, along with a crack pipe contained inside a black eyeglass case. The Tide bleach was valued at $53.

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