Thomas Struggles On Court & In Court

Written by Jason Singer on . Posted in Posts, Sports.

If Knicks owner James Dolan won’t fire Isiah Thomas because of his incompetence as a general manager and basketball coach, maybe the justice system will do him a favor. Following a Manhattan hearing on Tuesday, a U.S. District Court judge scheduled a trial for Thomas’ ongoing sexual harassment suit that was issued against him by a former employee, stating there was enough evidence to proceed with the case. In January 2006, ex-Knicks senior vice president Anucha Browne Sanders filed suit against Thomas, alleging “demeaning and repulsive behavior.” Sanders was fired by Madison Square Garden officials after she went through internal channels to try to solve the problem, and she is seeking reinstatement as well as unspecified damages. The judge has suggested an out-of-court settlement, and with Thomas’ willingness to throw money at problems to try and solve them, the case might never make it to trial. Then again, Thomas hasn’t been very successful with solving problems via money—think Jerome James’ $30 million contract, trading for Steve Francis’ $80 million-plus contract, trading for Stephon Marbury’s $80 million contract, etc., etc., etc.

Could the judge reinstate Sanders, award her damages and fire Thomas? It’s always nice to dream…