Theater For TV Lovers

Written by Francesca Levy on . Posted in Posts, Theater.

The independent theater scene is struggling enough without having to compete with “Heroes” and the final season of “The Sopranos.” Director Tara L. Matlosky realizes this, and her production, Case of You, at the Krain Theater (85 E. 4th St.) through Sunday, attracts couch potatoes with the promise that you can watch TV even at a play. Case of You interlaces short plays about relationships with short films by Kevin Stocklin. The films include a surprisingly moving portrait montage of good-looking hipsters, and a visual representation of a relationship gone bad. The Problem, a short play by A. R. Gurney, starring Erin Cronican and John Pieza, stands out for its sharp writing and endearingly offbeat comedic acting. The net effect of the work is the pleasant sensation of watching TV drama combined with the self-satisfaction of going out and getting cultured. Not a bad way to spend an evening.