The Undead of Summer: Summer Guide 2010

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The thing about
vampires: They can’t do sun. So when we thought about the best way to
survive and enjoy the city as it heats up during the summer months, we
turned to the other ubiquitous undead creatures admired by film
directors and a disturbing number of regular folk who willingly cover
themselves in red corn syrup and shuffle along the streets.We recruited Dina Sheyn,
Alexander Dong and Kelly Hartie to play zombie for us at some of our
favorite summer hangouts–the High Line Park, the Soho Housing Works,
waiting in line at the Big Gay Ice Cream
Truck–and let them deal with
the strange stares of the passersby. You can enjoy your own undead
summer in between beer sips at this year’s zombie crawl. Or watch Bruce
LaBruce’s new zombie porn come June. There’s even an Undead Jazz Festival
(although there are no actual zombies involved in that one). And if you
really want to see something undead, there’s always the gal pals in Sex
and the City 2.

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