The Jersey Shore, Round 2: Governor Christie Trash Talks Citizen

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by Laurent Berstecher

The may have gained planetary recognition thanks to the infamous MTV reality show, but the world has yet to hear about Jersey’s latest trashy celeb. I am referring of course to , whose latest stunt involved a testosterone-filled with a passerby.

Gov. Christie, who was casually enjoying an cone along the Jersey Shore on Thursday, apparently lost his temper after a man made a negative comment about his stance on education.

Christie, who was surrounded by his family and what appear to be bodyguards, called out the unfortunate passerby, screaming “You’re a real big shot running your mouth off.”

“Just take care of the teachers,” the man replied. Christie, who did not want to see this insolence go unpunished, turned around and aggressively walked towards the man, shouting “Keep walking away! Real good, keep walking…”

Someone recorded the scene and the video was made available on TMZ the next day.

This is not the first time that Christie’s explosive temperament makes headlines. A week earlier, the Governor had insulted a reporter by calling him an “idiot” after being asked an off-topic question.

While part of the public appreciates Christie for his honesty and outspokenness, many see this latest stunt as taking it a step too far: A poll held by found that over 80% of respondents thought Christie’s tirades made New Jersey look bad. A similar poll has yet to be held for Snooki.

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