The Impossible Dream

Written by Adario Strange on . Posted in Posts, Sports.

Sometimes fans can actually will a team to win. That seemed to be the case last night as I watched the injured, short-staffed and constantly criticized Knicks beat the former championship Detroit Pistons in triple overtime. One is tempted to make the argument that the Knicks needed that Denver Nuggets fight to restore some pride to the wounded team, but we don’t want to encourage that sort of thing. Yes, last night was inspirational. And, for a New York minute, I lost my wits and got excited about the team’s playoff hopes. Then I realized I was probably experiencing the hallucinogenic effects of 48 hours without sleep, an overdose of cheap Midtown Manhattan caffeine and a monk-like addiction to the self-flagellating abuse that comes with being a hopeful Knick fan. I’ve had a good night’s sleep, just one cup of bean juice and today the Knicks win looks about as genuine as a Canal St. Rolex. Sanity restored.

Let me be clear…

-Ewing was always overrated
-John Starks was always underrated
-Marbury’s game is about as valuable as his new shoe
-Steve Francis has been getting the shaft
-David Lee is actually fun to watch… when he gets minutes
-It’s obvious that someone has put a curse on the Knicks
-Spike Lee is probably part of that curse