The Gin Palace: Because Why Should Gin & Tonics Ever Stop Flowing?

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It’s an absolute dream-come-true for lovers: the niche-y , which just opened on , is serving gin & tonics on tap. 

The menu is reasonably affordable—the $7 on tap option lists gin, Bittermen’s Commonwealth and grapefruit bitters as its ingredients.

Gin Palace’s menu also boasts a variety of fancier gin-inclusive drinks—the Shangri-La Swizzle mixes , raspberry, , pineapple juice, lemon and for $10 a pop—as well as beer, wine and some traditional British culinary fare.

If you thought this offer couldn’t get any more enticing, the decor includes a floor-to-ceiling cage for, you know, when you need to cut yourself off.

—Alissa Fleck

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