The Devil’s in the Details: Jason D’Aquino at Fuse Gallery

Written by Anna King on . Posted in Arts & Film, Posts.

Jason D’Aquino is the perfect artist for New Yorkers. As the title of his new exhibition, Delicate Execution: The Miniature Drawings of Jason D’Aquino suggests, his artwork would fit comfortably on the walls of the smallest studio apartment.

Like artists who used to carve whole panoramas on a tiny piece of ivory, Brooklynite D’Aquino uses small items, such as vintage matchbooks, on which to sketch his graphite line drawings of voluptuous women, aliens, devils, monkeys, pistols and motorbikes. He even sketched a portrait of the late Hunter S. Thompson on the tip of a Good Humor ice-cream spoon, and one of Edgar Allan Poe on a packet of seeds. Sometimes being small has its downside, though: Apparently one of the pocket-sized pieces of art went missing at the closing reception of a recent D’Aquino exhibition in Detroit.

D’Aquino’s work is on display through July 5 at Fuse (93 Second Ave., betw. Fifth & Sixth Sts.) from Wednesdays through Saturdays from 3-8pm. Gallery goers can grab a beer at Lit next door, and then squint at the D’Aquino exhibition. Or perhaps it’s better to leave the boozing until after the art.