The Concrete Jungle Goes Off-Road

Written by Kari Milchman on . Posted in Posts, Sports.

All you crazy New Yorkers who think you can have your urban lifestyle and eat dirt, too, Saturday is your lucky day. Come out and christen The Fort George Hill Trails, the city’s first off-road bicycle course in upper Manhattan’s Highbridge Park. Eighteen months of labor and $100,000 gets you three miles of mountain-biking fun with areas for BMX jumpers, novices and experts.

“I love the ramps. You get amazing air on them. One jump, it’s almost vertical when you go up it,” 13-year-old Jonathan Flores told the Daily News. “Before this, you’d have to ride on the street.” Uh, right … where’s this kid’s legal guardian?

“If this works well, we will have a course in every borough. The bottom line here is anything that gets young people out getting exercise is a good thing,” said Parks and Recreation Commissioner Adrian Benepe. That’s right, and if we can’t pass a law requiring a certain number of hours of exercise per day, then by golly we can make it fun so people will do it on their own!