The ‘Burg Hunts For Cool American Idol

Written by Kari Milchman on . Posted in Music, Posts.

The Fourth Annual Williamsburg Live Songwriter Competition begins at midnight tonight, allowing all you relatively undiscovered indie musicians to launch a career that will all-too-swiftly strip you of any cachet. Along with everyone else and their rockin’ grandmother, submit your creative genius to judgment by industry professionals and journalists. From over 1,000 entries, 150 contestants will be chosen to play in a live competition, spanning eight nights and seven Williamsburg venues between Nov. 3 and Nov. 10. Presented by Jezebel Music, a self-proclaimed “innovative music promotion company,” and Sam Ash Music Stores, which date back to 1924 in Brooklyn, this competition’s winner will get 4,000 bucks in prize money and $500 in studio time at Engine Room Audio. Now that you have all the facts, go forth and join other singers and songwriters who have sold less than 250,000 CDs over the past five years—the sooner you do, the sooner that number will multiply.

Art courtesy of wedgeh on Flickr