TGIW: New Comics Hit The Docks

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It’s that time of the week again, and today some exciting titles smashed onto shelves. World War Hulk is a relatively new series that follows Hulk as he’s banished to outer space by Earth’s heroes. Long-awaited World War Hulk #3 hit stands today, chronicling the big green guy’s return to Earth and his epic battle with Dr. Strange (pictured). Ant-Man #11 also came out today, written by Invincible’s brilliant Robert Kirkman. This comic is a fun one, and since it takes place in the Marvel Universe, you get to see one of Kirkman’s creations interacting with Marvel characters, like Iron Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. Then there’s American Virgin #17, one of the strangest comics on the market. Who exactly is the target demographic for this one? American Virgin follows the life of Adam, a teenage evangelical who travels the world looking for the Islamic terrorists that beheaded his missionary girlfriend, all while trying to hold onto his, er, pants. I bought the first 10, but the later issues have started to freak me out.

TGIW! New Comics Hit The Docks

Written by Josh Saul on . Posted in Arts & Film, Posts.

Another Wednesday is here, which means this week’s new comics hit shelves this morning. As we speak, excited nerds clog the aisles of comic book shops the city over to collect their favorite titles, arguing the virtues of the new Invincible cover the whole time. (I’m a huge fan, but I don’t like the new cover. It’s not scary enough, plus her boobs looks unnatural.) Other new titles this week include The Walking Dead (same writer as Invincible, Robert Kirkman) and Batman and Robin, which is written by Frank Miller of Sin City and 300 infamy. Wherever you work and live in Gotham, you’re not far from a comic shop. Here are some of the best.

West Village: Sleep of Reason Comics
Union Square: Forbidden Planet
Midtown: Midtown Comics
Brooklyn: St. Mark’s Comics
Staten Island: Jim Hanley’s Universe