Target: Grandmas

Written by Jill Colvin on . Posted in Posts.

It’s been a tough day for senior citizens in the Big Apple.
NY1 is reporting that an 83-year-old woman was struck by a forklift at about 9:30am this morning in Lower
. A forklift? Like we pedestrians don’t have enough to
worry about with crazy cabbies and cyclists on the loose? Evidently, the
forklift was being used by the New York City Housing Authority to move portable
garbage containers. The woman is now in stable condition at Bellevue

Meanwhile, police are on the hunt for two men who are
allegedly posing as plumbers and robbing elderly residents in their homes.
Police say the men have struck at least twice, once in the Upper
West Side
, where they stole $400 from an 81-year-old woman, and
once in the East Village,
where they stole $1,500 from a 92-year old. Lucky for the burglars they weren’t
in Tennessee

Photo courtesy of worak on Flickr