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Take it Or Leaf It

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Zoning exemption could mean bigger buildings – but improved green space – on the Upper East Side By Adam Janos High rise developments on the Upper East Side could get significantly bigger soon. The community, meanwhile, could get less and less in return. Land Use Attorney Shelly Friedman spoke to Community Board 8 on the [&hellip
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School Lines That Leave Many Parents Behind

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Raise your hand if you’re planning to send your child to kindergarten in the next year or two,” someone said at the beginning. I wasn’t, so I didn’t. The message at my “first” meeting was clear. The city’s Department of Education was not thinking about where my toddler would go to school, even though I [&hellip
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Against Spot Zoning

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Communities are composed of intangible elements: familiar faces, a well-worn path to a well-stocked bodega, the background voices and cooking aromas and church bells that signify home. There are concrete and tangible aspects of community as well, including green space, the height of buildings and the amount of air and light that reach the street. [&hellip
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After Jewish Home Lifecare announced a deal to swap its West 106th Street property with developer Joseph Chetrit’s parcel in Park West Village, residents feared that Chetrit would construct a building that was out of context with the neighborhood. Jewish Home was exempt from a 2007 City Council rezoning of the area. To quell concerns [&hellip
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Jewish Home Land Swap

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Representatives from Jewish Home Lifecare, an organization that provides health care for seniors, met with community groups on Aug. 12 to unveil a proposal to redevelop its West 106th Street nursing home in Park West Village, on West 100th Street. To bankroll the new nursing home, a project that has long been in the works [&hellip
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