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Local Architect Has ‘Vine Line’ Vision for West Side Highway

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By Shannon Ayala Laurence Tamaccio lives near the West Side Highway, the part that exposes its aged, rusty underbelly and concrete legs, held high above Riverside Park South. In his view, it’s an eyesore—and he wants to cover it with vines and waterfalls. “Seeing it on a daily basis, it started to sort of wear [&hellip
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Ladies Be Warned: NYC “Artist” Takes Videos and Pics of Unsuspecting Women on the Subway

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Photo courtesy of Wiki Commons. by Adel Manoukian If you’re a young woman taking the train, you may be filmed or photographed and not even know it. John Zippy has uploaded 35 videos with titles like “Sexy Asian Girls” or “Hot Nerd Girl” onto his Youtube account and about 102 photographs of unsuspecting females on his blog entitled  “New York [&hellip
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Oliver Stone’s New Media Experiment: Savages

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savages-new-clip-300x300-1 By John Demetry for City Arts First Penn Jillette’s passionate and principled radio attack on the racism and classism of Obama’s War on Drugs went viral, bringing politics to YouTube. Now, Oliver Stone uses the internet platform to bring art to advertising for Savages, his new dramatic film about marijuana trafficking opening July 6. Art [&hellip
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A Poster Couple a Year Later

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Farid Ali Lancheros and George Constantinou with their son and daughter, Milena and Gustavo, at their restaurant Bogota Latin Bistro. Photo by Jonathan Springer. By David Gibbons Freedom to Marry (FTM) sparked its campaign to win the right to same-sex marriage in New York State last year with a series of short videos featuring charming, engaging gay couples–not least among them George Constantinou and Farid Ali Lancheros–that put a human face on the issue and helped insure the movement’s [&hellip
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David Lynch’s Crazy Clown Time

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David Lynch debuted the music video for his song, “Crazy Clown Time” this Monday, which has forced me to question: Is David Lynch at all relevant anymore? The music video, which he directed, plays out the narrative of his song. “Suzy, she ripped her shirt off completely.” A big-breasted blonde thing (Suzy?), rips her shirt [&hellip
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