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Tapped In: Flatiron Bicycle Accident, Midtown Library Renovations, New NYPD App

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260px-Swanage_Punch_&_Judy FATAL FLATIRON DISTRICT BICYCLE ACCIDENT A female bicyclist was fatally struck Jan. 4 by a Citywide demolition and rubbish removal truck at East 23rd Street and Madison. The bicyclist was traveling East on 23rd Street when she was hit, according to several sources. Police said that she was pronounced dead on the scene. Private sanitation [&hellip
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Winter Guide: City Services

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mini_500_4416_121496061581980 Stay Flexible Pure Yoga, 203 E. 86th St., 212-360-1888, Pure Yoga’s Figure 4 Class is designed to give you the most effective results and a more flexible body. It can be tough to brave the winter elements to stay in shape, which is why this high-intensity yoga class is great for maintaining flexibility and [&hellip
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Lower East Side Yoga Instructor Offers More Than Exercise

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Tricia Donegan coaxes inspired poses and generosity out of her local yoga enthusiasts By Sophia Rosenbaum Yoga studios in New York are as common as pizza joints, but there’s a reason Lady Gaga chose Tricia Donegan to be her yoga instructor. Donegan, 42, is a burst of energy with a toned physique adorned with tattoos and [&hellip
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Where to Get Fit in the City: Best (and Cheapest) Gyms in NYC

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Some city gyms have all the bells and whistles, while others take the no-frills approach. Then there’s the whole continuum in between. You can find just about anything you can dream up in NYC, but ultimately what you want from a workout is a personal choice. Furthermore, what may seem thrilling at signup, can quickly [&hellip
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City Yoga Studios Feel Unfairly Targeted by Government Agencies

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By Alissa Fleck The New York Times recently reported yoga studio owners feel unfairly targeted by city agencies. Three years ago, New York State government proposed regulations requiring schools that trained yoga instructors to obtain licenses to do so. Eventually, yoga studios were exempted from the regulation, but the obstacles for studios only continued from there. [&hellip
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City Yoga Studios Escape ‘Gym Tax,’ Fitness Centers Not as Lucky

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Photo Courtesy of Wiki Commons Local yogis can continue to embrace their spiritual, physical and mental wellness for a—relatively—lower rate. Assembly Member Linda B. Rosenthal applauded the recent decision of the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance to exempt independent yoga studios from paying the “gym tax,” city and sales tax that is imposed on other gyms and [&hellip
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Getting the Mind to Listen to Resolutions

Written by Paulette Safdieh on . Posted in Healthy Manhattan

Yoga & meditation can help make your New Year’s pledges stick Staying healthy requires more than an impulsive New Year’s resolution and a spanking new gym membership. To nix bad habits for good and maintain positive changes to your body in 2012, fitness experts argue that the first and biggest change starts with the mind. [&hellip
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Yoga Done Right is Good for the Bones

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Some forms of yoga help people with osteoporosis By Laura Shin Yoga and Pilates classes have become increasingly popular in the fitness world in recent years. Now, experts say that if practiced in a modified way, these exercises could prevent—and even treat—osteoporosis. “When you stimulate the bones, it builds up bone density. If you start [&hellip
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