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After Gov. David Paterson dropped his proposal to allow grocery stores to sell wine, Albany is likely to consider a bill to completely overhaul the state’s wine and liquor industry. The legislation would reform antiquated Prohibition-era “Blue Laws” that highly regulate wine and liquor sales and stores Liquor stores and small wine shops that criticized [&hellip
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Wine Bars Go Casual

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The wine-bar boom of the early 2000s was one part culinary fad and one part symptom of an over-indulgent and bloated economy. To most New York City diners, wine bars were never viewed as a place to get a serious meal. The wine lists were often voluminous and confusing, the bite-sized “tapas style” snacks were [&hellip
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Obscure Tuscan Fun

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Think Tuscany: rolling sun-kissed vineyards topped with old castles, enchanting villages trickling down the hillside, fruitful sprawling vines, clouds and blue sky for days. Think Felice, which literally means “happy.” “Happy” and “wine” are the perfect blend, a hint at what’s inside this cavernous space that imports some of its wine directly from the vineyard [&hellip
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The Barbecue Trap

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Kansas City is known for many things, but to me, the most important is barbecue. While there is always debate about who the true king of the smoker is, my loyalty lies with Arthur Bryant’s Barbecue. There is a problem, though. After I sidle through the cafeteria-style line to the register with my burnt ends [&hellip
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