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The Man Who Lives in Candy Land: Psychoanalyst’s Dream Patient or Unprecedented Art Collector?

Written by Alissa Fleck on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

Is New York’s increasingly renowned vintage candy wrapper collector, Jason Liebig, collecting offbeat art or merely living out some unfulfillable boyhood fantasy? And why are we, the public, so intrigued?  Jason Liebig isn’t just like a kid in a candy store;  in many ways he is one. Except he’s 43 and the candy store is [&hellip
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Pancake Masquerade

Written by Regan Hofmann on . Posted in Eat & Drink

Soak up a post-Halloween hangover at IHOP At some point in the Halloween celebration, your addled brain will to realize you need to eat something. This may happen at 4 a.m., while you’re still out and about, or it may happen at noon the next day. When it does, the vague concept of food that [&hellip
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City Week: June 11-June 17

Written by admin on . Posted in Arts & Film

A Selective Listing of Recommended Cultural & Community Events Compiled by Max A. Goldstein Friday, June 11 Young Picassos—Arts in Action, an after-school arts program and summer camp, sells color prints of student work. Proceeds support a scholarship program for children who need financial need. Little Shop of Crafts, 711 Amsterdam Ave., 212-864-4833; 5:30 to [&hellip
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